February 20, 2017

Today is Family Day in Ontario. Yesterday we had Jason, Anne and the kids for dinner. For the first time the kids didn’t drag out all of the toys. Jacob brought a little backpack with a couple of toys and books. Emily brought her markers and asked if she could print some colouring pages. She is into those wild colouring pages with all the detail. Well the printer wouldn’t work, just kept printing blank pages even though there was ink in the cartridges. Wal-Mart was open so Emily and I went to check out the printer we looked at online. I purchased a HP printer for $14.99, didn’t expect much from it. Wow … what a great little printer; pretty basic — on / off switch. Prints very quick. I love a bargain. I will have the old printer checked out to see what’s wrong with it and if its worth fixing.

Both kids had great fun picking out the colouring pages they wanted. Emily is going to make a magazine type folder of all the pictures she colours. Jacob of course has to do what she does, says he is making one too.

I am a deep down procrastinator. I look around at my dining room and I see several unfinished knitting projects and some projects that haven’t been started. I am going to finish those projects before I need to do the spring yard work. That’s the plan, now I have to stick to it and get started. I hope once I get a couple of projects finished it will motivate me to keep going and finish all of them.

Talked to James this weekend, the rig he was on was shutdown. He was lucky enough to get on a different rig near Dawson Creek in British Columbia. James took the below pictures on his days off near Dawson Creek.

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